April 13, 2023

As individuals age, they face many challenges related to their physical, mental, and emotional health. Aging in place has become an increasingly popular option for seniors who want to maintain their independence and remain in their homes. However, in order to support their safety and wellbeing, it is crucial concerned family members obtain permission from seniors to assist them with falls prevention, placement in assisted living, and supervision of health issues and finances.

Falls prevention is a critical aspect of aging in place. Seniors are at increased risk of falling due to factors such as decreased balance, mobility, and vision. Falls can lead to serious injuries and hospitalizations, which can have long-term consequences on their health and independence. It is important to have an open and honest conversation with seniors about their risk of falling and the potential consequences. By obtaining their permission to assist with falls prevention measures such as installing grab bars, removing clutter, and identifying potential hazards by hiring a Home Safety Consultant, (Call Before Mom Falls) we can help mitigate their risk of falling and keep them safe.

Placement in assisted living is another important consideration for seniors. While aging in place is an ideal option for many seniors, there may come a time when they require additional support and care that cannot be provided in their home. It is important to discuss the potential need for assisted living with seniors and obtain their permission to explore this option if necessary. Assisted living facilities can provide a range of services such as healthcare, personal care, and social activities, which can help seniors maintain their quality of life.  Often times, there are many avenues that need to be explored as far as paying for this option, all of which are confusing and time consuming.  These issues are best addressed during the conversation, so your senior can know you want to assist with the “hard parts,” but they will have the final decision once all options have been researched.

Supervision of health issues and finances is also a critical aspect of supporting seniors. As individuals age, they may face a range of health issues and require ongoing medical care. Additionally, they may need assistance with managing their finances, particularly if they are experiencing cognitive decline or distracted by the health issues of a spouse or even themselves. By obtaining permission to assist with these aspects of their life, we can help ensure they receive the care and support they need to maintain their health and wellbeing.  The current healthcare climate necessitates the importance of a healthcare advocate.  Many times, family members are not fully suited or prepared mentally to address the numerous issues while navigating health and finances.  When a professional is warranted, a Life Care Manager can assist with health literacy and advocacy.  Finances and legal matters should be addressed with a certified legal professional in the area of elder law. 

In conclusion, obtaining permission from seniors to assist them with aging in place and falls prevention, placement in assisted living, and supervision of health issues and finances is crucial for their safety and wellbeing. By having open and honest conversations with seniors, we can ensure that they are able to maintain their independence and quality of life as they age. It is important to approach these conversations with empathy, respect, and sensitivity, and to involve them in the decision-making process as much as possible.


Asking Permission to help a Senior