I have 15 years experience as an Occupational Therapist, including 13 years in home health care, where I had to figure out the safest way to help hundreds of patients complete the basic tasks of bathing, toileting and dressing.

I am also a Certified Enviromental Access Consultant and have now been in business to lend my expertise to client’s and families who are trying to figure out the most cost-effective way to remain safe and independent in their homes. This includes home modifications for those who have life-changing injuries with the Florida Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program, veterans who are dealing with the lasting effects of exposure and critical injuries which have taken their ability to safely ambulate, answering the call when families have questions about modifications to promote safety and independence, and seniors looking to age in place safely.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people solve what I have frequently seen as a "$1000 problem with a $100 solution.”


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I'm Kris Wilson, owner and founder of MiE.

My name is Jackie Tomes. I have 15 years’ experience as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, including 12 years as the Director of Rehab for a skilled nursing facility.

After seeing the same patients repeatedly due to falls, I knew a different approach was needed. I then decided to become a Certified Environmental Access Consultant to share my expertise with clients and families who want to age in place safely and with dignity.

I'm Jackie Tomes, business partner and consultant at MiE.

Our Mission

To provide impartial expertise to all individuals who need assistance with making appropriate home modifications to maintain a safe and functional age-in-place environment.